23 yrs on this planet
This opportunity really will solidify if I pursue a design career any longer, or commit to a job working for my parents.

I was wondering if you could take the moment to vote for my DC shoe design. If I collect the most votes, I could win 2,500 dollars and buy myself an industrial leather sewing machine to start up my handbag designs out here. Every single vote counts. I really appreciate it.I don’t want to give up on my design career and have to get a regular, boring job. If all of my followers took 5 seconds to help me out, I wouldn’t have to commit to working for my parents, and could start a handbag line out here. I would be able to become financially independent. 



If all of my followers would take 5 seconds to help me out, I would be able to start my dream career. It only takes a simple click. Please, help someone in a pivotal moment in their life. This opportunity really will solidify if I pursue a design career any longer, or commit to a job working for my parents.

I am in a design competition and could potentially win 2,500 dollars. With that money I could start my own handbag line by purchasing an industrial sewing machine. The only things stopping me from my dream, are votes… I need to collect the most votes. So while you scroll down tumblr, if you could take 5 seconds to make a world of difference for someone’s dream career, I would really appreciate it.

Please vote here:


Something inside is hurting you – that’s why you need cigarettes or whiskey, or music turned so fucking loud you can’t think.
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I’m working up the courage to say sorry.


[cries but also keeps eyeliner intact]


i’m that kind of person who between two choices always pick the wrong one


Ellen Consulting - Juliane Holmstrom 
It took her a while to understand that people leave. It took her even longer to recognize that the same remains true for people who have planted rose gardens in gaps of ribcages and coated lips with crystal syrup. With time, she learned blue milk tastes of perfume when tried on wedding nights and women with big breasts and red lipstick will always come off as arrogant or delusional. Later, almost twenty years after his death, she will walk through art galleries. She’s the artist but the work on the walls isn’t hers. She thinks she is bleeding him through the strokes of deep red’s and neon oranges. She thinks he is living because of the paint and the art on the walls. She thinks she can see him in every “Ah, how beautiful!” and every other “Oh, how lovely!” She works as a part time waitress. To rude costumers she spills salt into their drinks. They always leave tips. She tells some about her work. People act curious but forget her name the second time she comes back. It took her a while to understand that people never come back.
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Whats funny about the workplace is that men are presumed competent until proven otherwise, whereas women are presumed incompetent until proven otherwise. 


Alana Zimmer

Back to school never looked so good as it does with this barely-there peach toned leather backpack by YUE.

someone on here help me learn how to code and use python


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